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Video: 50 Cent ft. Lil Durk, Jeremih – Power Powder Respect



Video: 50 Cent ft. Lil Durk, Jeremih – Power Powder Respect

There are just a few weeks left till the release of Power Book IV: Force for fans of the Power cinematic universe. In this installment, Tommy Egan (who is portrayed by Joseph Sikora) is now making a living as a hustler in the city of Chicago. After the broadcast of the most current episode of Power Book II: Ghost on Sunday (January 16), 50 Cent unveiled the music video for the Force theme song, titled “Power Powder Respect.” Eif Rivera was the director of the video.

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Rivera concentrates on discreet close-up shots of the power-hungry drug dealer while he walks like a Ghost throughout the three-minute video compilation that integrates the tale of the song with the plot of the new series. The compilation was released as part of the new series. He does take a break, however, to engage in a game of chess with 50 Cent and to coo with Chicago native Jeremih, who is featured on the hook of the track. Lil Durk, another artist who hails from Chicago, makes an appearance on the track as well.

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We see Egan gain power and respect throughout the series through various clips that are taken from it. As the new person in town, he is being evaluated and evaluated forcefully, therefore he demands his wants in an aggressive manner and teases new people.

The movie provides a sneak peak at some of the imagery that will be included in Power Book IV: Force. It comes to a close on a cryptic note as Egan revs his motor before driving out into the distance.

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Check out the music video for “Power Powder Respect“.

50 Cent ft. Lil Durk, Jeremih – “Power Powder Respect” | Official Video

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