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Video: Apollo Brown & Planet Asia – Get Back



Video: Apollo Brown & Planet Asia - Get Back

Don’t get it twisted. Anchovies, the joint effort of Apollo Brown and Planet Asia, is reminiscent of the Golden Era of hip hop in the ’90s. We cover lyrics here at VIBE, too, and if you’re talking about poetic albums released in 2017, you should check it out.

Get Back,” a track from Anchovies that is known for its gritty shoulder-shifting sound, is one of the album’s most memorable songs. The grimy producer and MC made the decision to turn “Get Back” into a music video. The Grand Rapids, Michigan native and the Fresno, California-bred artist kept the grainy music visuals basic by standing on the streets and spewing raps for the camera. The video was directed by Diago Cruz.

This that get back/Nigga, get back/” “This that get back”Y’all niggas fronted on my sh*t knowing that your sh*t is wack/Fuck the chit chat/I just spew facts/Y’all niggas lied about my sh*t.Your whole stuff will get busted if you keep talking about this and that.Planet Asia’s raps include the lines “I’m a fucking factor/You a fucking actor/Another sucker rapper/Stupid, you hustle backward.”

Back in August, Anchovies was made available, along with the accompanying music video for the band’s track “The Aura.”

Check out the music video for “Get Back“.

Apollo Brown & Planet Asia - Get Back | Official Video

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