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Video: Boogie – Won’t Be The Same ft. Ayo



Video: Boogie - Won't Be The Same ft. Ayo

When you are confident that a project will be successful, it is perfectly fine to squeeze every last drop out of it. Take for example Boogie and his mixtape released in 2016 titled Thirst 48, Pt. 2, from which he is currently releasing videos.

The outstanding continuation of the mixtape that he released in 2014 under the same name has already produced three music videos: “No Way,” “Sunroof,” and, most famously, the Rihanna-cosigned “N***a Needs.” Now, he has added a fourth artistic accomplishment to the list with the song “Won’t Be the Same.” Longing is the central theme of this song, which takes place after the conclusion of a romantic engagement. The memories start to come flooding back, and with them come all of the remember whens and what ifs.

Check out the music video for “Won’t Be The Same”.

Boogie - Won't Be The Same ft. Ayo

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