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Video: Chlöe – Surprise



Video: Chlöe - Surprise

With her most seductive song to date, Chlöe makes a comeback. Her latest single, “Surprise,” slows things down from her earlier uptempo releases, “Have Mercy” and “Treat Me,” and is similar to Destiny Child’s “Cater To You” in that it promises tremendous reward for a deserving companion.

Fans were given the opportunity to vote on her next single, which was first teased back in May when she shared three brand-new songs from her upcoming solo debut album on Instagram Live, including “For The Night” and “Cheat Back.” Chlöe remarked that despite “Surprise” not being the popular favorite among the three, “when the queen speaks, the queen speaks… and that’s all I’m gonna say and that’s all that matters to me,” suggesting that Parkwood creator Beyoncé had the last say in the selection process.

Model Broderick Hunter plays the major role in the touching video, which was intimately directed by Diana Kunst and showcases sweet interactions between the two. She sings, “If you be good to me then I’ma be great to you/If you stay down for me then I’ll stay awake for you,” but sadly, and much to the viewer’s astonishment, those sweet musings only materialize in a momentary illusion created from the man’s imagination.

Check out the music video for “Surprise“.

Chlöe - Surprise (Official Video)

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