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Video: Coco Jones – Caliber



Video: Coco Jones - Caliber

The amazing Coco Jones has unveiled a seductive new video for her song “Caliber.” The singer-actress exudes the same style and star power in the Teyana Taylor-directed song video as she does in her role as Hilary Banks in Bel-Air.

Although the track has an official “visualizer” on YouTube, this “Spike Tey Joint” is only streaming on Facebook. The 24-year-old triple threat looks around a club full of males to find a suitable mate who matches her caliber. In the end, she meets the proper man, Deric Augustine, who plays the main love interest in the video.

Jones discussed how she came up with the flirtatious first track from her new EP in an interview with VIBE from April. She said, “I’m always trying to walk the line between classy and seductive, but I want to grow up. “I don’t want to come on too strong now that I’m an adult. I’m attempting to strike a balance between what topics feel natural and authentic for me to discuss. Because of this, when I heard the beat, it definitely made me want to chat, but in an alluring way.

“I was thinking, ‘I want to tell this dude what’s wrong but I don’t want him to think I’m talking down to him or anything. I wish to support him. Jones stated, “I want to be the inspiration. “That’s kind of how it felt. There are just several levels to it, I said to the other writers when I was chatting to them. Simply put, these guys are not at my level. When we were looking for “level” using only synonyms, caliber appeared, and we thought, “We got one.”

Check out the music video for “Caliber“.

Coco Jones - Caliber (Visualizer)