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Video: Dababy – Tough Skin



Video: Dababy - Tough Skin

DaBaby is back with a brand-new music video for his most recent track, “Tough Skin.” The reflective videos, which provide a glimpse into the rapper’s background, were directed by Reel Goats. In the music video, a younger version of the musician is seen going through difficult situations that have given him a hard exterior.

The video is replete with Christian imagery as DaBaby confronts his history and ends up being crucified. The “Masterpiece” rapper is burned with a flamethrower and pelted with bricks during his “crucifixion,” but in the end, he realises he is completely unharmed.


DaBaby wears the agony as a badge of honour rather than portraying these times as terrible. He boasts about his combat wounds and raps about his difficulties. During the song’s opening verse, he raps, “It wasn’t no plate on the table, we ain’t got nothing to eat, uh/ Mama at her part-time job, when she get home, we gon’ be sleep.” As the song goes, “Sh*t, I had to figure it out, that’s probably what made me unique/ If them ni**as struggled like me, they’d probably let me be/ But I got tough skin, I thought ni**as already knew that.”

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Viewers have criticised and expressed their opinions about the Charlotte-born artist’s self-comparison to Jesus Christ on Twitter since the video’s premiere. “Dababy has lost it,” one user tweeted. Another person commented, “DaBaby being crucified in a nappy is insane. Another commenter said, “Don’t get your career cancelled silently like DaBaby because you want to play with God.”

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The rapper is scheduled to release “Tough Skin” as the lead single from his upcoming album, Baby on Baby 2. J. Stacks, who also produced the new tune, originally teased it in July 2022.

Check out the music video for “Tough Skin“.

DABABY - TOUGH SKIN [Official Video]

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