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Video: Daniel Caesar – Toronto 2014



Video: Daniel Caesar - Toronto 2014

Mustafa and Daniel Caesar yearn for the happier times in their past. In the brand-new music video for “Toronto 2014,” the two go back in time.

The image, which was posted on Tuesday (May 30), offers an insight into the 28-year-old’s life, which includes playing guitar and taking trips with his buddies. The film also contains clips and pictures from his early years, which adds to the paradox of modern musicians enjoying the fruits of the modern day while thinking back on earlier life.

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The first verse is spoken by Mustafa, who begins, “If I could only find my way through space-time/ Back to when I was happy being me/ They live and we-” before Caesar interrupts and continues the song’s topic of nostalgia. The song goes, “I can hear the bells ringin’, remindin’ us why/ We’re still here singin’, it’s Father Time/ We’re stuck in The Matrix, living a lie/ I’m not afraid to die.”

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The newest music video for “Toronto 2014” is taken from Daniel Caesar’s third studio album, Never Enough. The 15-track album, which includes Ty Dolla $ign, Omar Apollo, and Serpentwithfeet, was released in early April. Days later, three more tracks on the bonus version were added, with Summer Walker guest starring on “Always” and RickRoss in “Valentina ”

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Check out the music video for “Toronto 2014“.

Daniel Caesar - Toronto 2014 (Official Music Video)

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