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Video: Eem Triplin – WALKED IN



Video: Eem Triplin - WALKED IN
Eem Triplin is ready for the spotlight after years spent making beats in the background. The official music video for the fan-favorite track “WALKED IN,” which debuted in January, was released May 14. Coordinated by MetroBlu, the new contribution shows in the background film from his experience on the “FLM Tour” opening up for LUCKI. A crowd of yelling fans hear Triplin’s signature unflappable flow.

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Recently, the “AWKWARD FREESTYLE” rapper discussed the significance of meeting fans outside of social media. It’s different to see people in person than it is to see them on your phone screen. He stated, “I think that’s something that is priceless.” Even if they don’t do their best, it’s like you’ve gone from seeing this jerk on your phone every day to seeing them in person, where you are unable to pause them.

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Make certain to squeeze play on Eem Triplin’s shiny new “WALKED IN” music video from his approaching STILL EP down underneath.


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