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Video: Ezale – All It Take



Video: Ezale - All It Take

Ezale’s most recent mixtape, titled The Tonight Show, served as the follow-up effort to his Drug Funnie project, which was released in 2013. This mixtape was ultimately responsible for Ezale’s departure from the Bay Area. The rapper who is known for his love of MDMA is famous for being the life of the party, but he also has a lot of valuable insights to impart.

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His most recent film raises awareness of the sobering truth of how valuable human life actually is. The song “All It Take” demonstrates that continuing on the well-trodden path through life may not seem like the most exciting thing to do, but it could end up saving your life.

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The East Oakland native tells the story of his life growing up on the streets through the use of vibrant synths and a dash of funk, which together create a smooth sound that pays homage to the electro-R&B of the 1980s. Ezale spits on the hook and says, “That’s all it took,” referring to the moment “when the money got him lost and the dope got him hooked.”

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Check out the music video for “All It Take“.

Ezale - All It Take (Official Video)

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