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Video: Flyana Boss – You Wish



Video: Flyana Boss - You Wish

The official music video for Flyana Boss’s popular song “You Wish” has been made available. The vibrant rap duo uses the striking image to parody professional realities and channel their inner superheroes. The Los Angeles-based group collaborated with DoorDash for the project, which was directed by Brad Wong.

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According to a press release, Flyana Boss released a TikTok video in June in which “You Wish” was playing while they were riding bikes with the DoorDash logo on them. The final collaboration was the product of the response, which attracted 10 million views.

Bobbi LaNea and Folayan confront the notion of being industry plants in the song video by using overt product placement, a prominent, expensive music video set, and special effects.

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Check Out The Music Video For “You Wish

Flyana Boss - You Wish (Official Music Video)


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