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Video: J Alvarez , El Alfa – Me Da Lo Mismo



Video: J Alvarez , El Alfa - Me Da Lo Mismo

El Alfa and J Alvarez have written a sarcastic song for all of the hard-working guys whose ladies don’t respect them and they’ve performed it. The music video for their most recent track, “Me Da Lo Mismo,” features numerous scenes set in vibrant stores and sets like the desert. The film appears to be a clip taken from Instagram accounts belonging to people who attended Coachella.

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El Alfa has helped put the Dominican Republic’s dembow genre on the map by using a combination of complicated beats and auto-tuned vocals in his music. As a result, the genre has garnered notice from mainstream America and its performers. He has worked with Cardi B on the song “Mi Mami” and has teamed with the mega-producer Diplo on tracks such as “TecnoBow.”

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In addition to this, he is receiving accolades from producers who predominately control the reggaeton scene in Puerto Rico and beyond. “That music that El Alfa and Mozart La Para and all these guys are doing over there, that’s what’s popping right now,” Tainy, a well-known producer who has collaborated with Bad Bunny, told Rolling Stone. “That music” “Being there makes you feel as though you’re on a vacation the whole time. There is a great deal of artistic ability in the Dominican Republic. They are deserving of that level of respect.”

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Check out the music video for “Me Da Lo Mismo“.

J Alvarez , El Alfa — Me Da Lo Mismo

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