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Video: Jarren Benton – Dark Roads Ft. Sareena Dominguez



Video: Jarren Benton - Dark Roads Ft. Sareena Dominguez

During the summer of 2016, Jarren Benton released the eagerly awaited second volume of his Slow Motion series. The rapper is determined to see the project through to completion despite receiving mostly favourable evaluations from reviewers across the board.

After a delay of more than six months, the native of Georgia unveiled the music video for “Dark Days,” which featured assistance from Saarena Dominguez. This tune was one of the most talked-about from the mixtape.

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This work is dedicated to his buddy and manager, Jahmal “Slow Motion” Pryor, who passed away in 2013. Jahmal “Slow Motion” Pryor passed away in 2013. Emcees that are good at rapping say things like “2 years since my n*gga died/1 year since a n*gga cried.”

On the song, he reveals the inner fights that he has been fighting and says things like, “Funny what a little fame’ll do to ya Lately I’ve been trying to keep my circle small. Just prior to going on stage, we took a few hits of adderall. Just prior to the performance, we were chugging booze.”

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Check out the music video for “Dark Roads“.

Jarren Benton - Dark Roads ft. Sareena Dominguez (prod. The Coalition) [Official Music Video]

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