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Video: JID – Bruddanem / Crack Sandwich



Video: JID - Bruddanem / Crack Sandwich

JID just dropped the dramatic music videos for “Crack Sandwich” and “Bruddanem.” The Mac Grant and Chad Tennies-directed video seamlessly ties the songs together and brings the lyrics’ narrative themes to life.

A scene is set in “Bruddanem” while some friends—among them, JID’s brother—sit and smoke. A violent change of events results in a SWAT raid on their home. Each imagines a different scenario as the events unfold when the police open fire and make arrests.

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As the music changes to the captivating “Crack Sandwich,” the plot develops. As he describes how he and his brothers got into a street fight in New Orleans, JID says in the video that “beating asses was like a family thing” while visiting his brother in prison.

Check out the music video for “Bruddanem / Crack Sandwich“.

JID - Bruddanem / Crack Sandwich (Official Music Video)

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