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Video: John Legend – Dope ft. JID



Video: John Legend - Dope ft. JID

John Legend, a musician who has won multiple Grammy Awards, has collaborated with the rapper J.I.D on the music video for his latest single, “Dope.” The song is the first to be taken from his future album, which has not yet been given a name.

The music video, directed by Christian Breslauer, takes a throwback approach with a setting that is reminiscent of a soulful and eclectic home party. There, John Legend freely performs and celebrates with pals, including J.I.D.

In one of his songs, Legend raps, “She’s so dope/Wanna be her dope fiend, she showed me what dope mean/She’s so dope/She can be my dope queen, we can make a dope scene (yeah).” J.I.D raps in one of his songs, “The Potent Medication Prescribed by the Prettiest Ladies,” “You Give Me Lows and Highs But You Killin’ Me, Baby,” and “You Killin’ Me.” You should know that I’m insane because I ain’t had no “education.” And over at the Days Inn, I’m still chasing and racing/ To get that first taste all over again, it was amazing. ”

The song, which was produced by Ian Kirkpatrick and Ryan Tedder, is following in the footsteps of John Legend’s most recent studio album, Bigger Love, which includes the songs “Conversations in the Dark” and “Wild.” The song “Bigger Love” made its debut on the Billboard 200 list at position number 19, and it also peaked in other countries. The Grammy, Oscar, Emmy, and Tony Award winner presented a unique collaborative piano performance with the song’s co-writer, Charlie Puth, at the 2022 iHeart Awards back in March. This performance served as a teaser for the upcoming single. Republic Records is his new label home, and “Dope” is the first single they’ve released under their label.

Check out the music video for “Dope“.

John Legend - Dope (feat. JID) (Official Music Video) ft. JID

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