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Video: JusBlow600 – SnitchK 2x



Video: JusBlow600 - SnitchK 2x

Rookie rapper and OTF rep JustBlow 600 just unveiled his newest campaign for the streets with the song “SnitchK 2x,” which seems suitable since Tekashi 6ix9ine’s going against the rules of the concrete streets.

JustBlow has released a stunning new music video in conjunction with their street anthem.

The dirty graphics, which were shot by Cosmic Cel, are a perfect complement to the filthy lyrics of the song. The ‘Percy Perc’ MC finds himself inside of the project corridor at one point throughout the tape, which has grainy VCR video throughout, while other sequences show the rapper riding through the backwoods and flashing machine weapons inside of an apartment that has been cleaned up.

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JB rips through the gloomy music with lyrics that explain the brutal reality of street life, and this is the highlight of the rap portion of the performance.

Check out the music video for “SnitchK 2x“.

JusBlow600 - SnitchK 2x (Official Video) shot by @cosmiccel

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