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Video: Kehlani – Altar



Video: Kehlani - Altar

Kehlani unexpectedly revealed earlier this week that her third studio album—and sixth total project—would be out this winter. The Oakland native also made a teaser for her film, Blue Water Road, in which she is clearly hurt but still manages to walk along a muddy route in search of a better view.

A few hours later, she announced the release of “Altar,” the album’s lead song. She penned, “‘ALTAR’ is dedicated to all those i’ve lost,” in a tweet that has since been deleted. Gaining angels were everywhere in 2020–2021. full of knowledge of death. full of honor and elevation, full of maturing through loss.

Altar” and a companion film were made available on all digital streaming services today (Sept. 15). Kehlani, who appears alongside choreographer/artist Diovanna Obafunmilayo LaBeija, finds comfort and strength in the “angels [she’s] gained,” singing, “So I put you on the altar, stay just a little bit longer / Laid it out for ya’, thought I felt you before / Now you’re closer.”

She clarified the meaning of the song on Twitter. This is for all the people I’ve lost, all the angels I’ve acquired, and all the people that walk with me while their hands rip apart my chest. I cherish you! THANK YOU #ALTAR,” the 26-year-old wrote.

“I only want to make things that mean something to me completely void of algorithms or strategy approaching my 6th project, i’m not chasing anything but joy with this s**t. f**k a box i love y’all for the way you love me!! “, she said in reference to the upcoming album Blue Water Road, which does not yet have an official release date. ACTING HOW I WANNA AND DOING WHAT I WANNA!”

Check out the music video for “Altar“.

Kehlani - Altar [Official Music Video]

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