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Video: Kehlani – melt



Video: Kehlani - melt

In the cutest way possible, Kehlani has made her romance with fellow musician 070 Shake public. Following the release of Kehlani’s most recent album, blue water road, their personal life together was subjected to an unjustified invasion of privacy.

Despite the vicious mocking that attempted to derail Keh’s artistic and personal growth on this album, the new video gently ushers us back into the mellow maturity of blue water road and, more especially, “melt.”

Singing lines like “i can’t tell where your hair ends and mine begins/ if i ain’t have all these tattoos i would think that it’s your skin/ if i move too quick past you, i would think that it’s my reflection/ being this close isn’t close enough/… ” while they have a sequence of fun personal encounters, the couple is shown as a symbiotic one.I’m curious if, when they just see one of us, they imagine us together.

After getting lost in each other while wandering the streets of Brazil, the couple shares a tender hug while wrapped in crisp white linens. Shake and Keh remind us that it’s fine to be loved both quietly and boisterously by laughing, kissing, dancing, and chasing each other around the kitchen and the living room. Shake even joins in during the song’s pre-chorus, singing, “Wish I could build me a cute apartment/ One-bedroom right where your heart is…” while her lover leans over her shoulder.

Shake and Kehlani’s rumored romance began last year when the two began making cryptic statements about each other on social media, posts which were then deleted. They both ran up on stage at one of Shake’s gigs earlier this month and kissed, reportedly confirming their romance. We hope Kehlani recreates that magic on her upcoming blue water road trip tour.

Earlier this week, the singer posted a now-deleted video of their daughter Adeya asking, “Mommy, that’s you—that’s you and Dani?” to promote the debut of the music video. Tomorrow starring my love, in the jungles of Brazil,” the caption for the teaser read.

Check out the music video for “Melt“.

Kehlani - melt [Official Music Video]

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