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Video: Melanie Fiona – I Want It All



Video: Melanie Fiona - I Want It All

Melaine Fiona’s voice has always been quite deep and powerful. The Canadian songbird has given a lot of R&B fans a lot of pleasure, whether it be through her original material like “4 AM” or through her brilliant renditions of the work of others in the genre.

Not only does Fiona’s newest music video for “I Want It All” excel in its uncomplicated nature, but also because of what it conveys. The video features the first appearance of the Canadian singer’s expanding baby bulge, and she encourages viewers to have faith in themselves while doing so.

She states that “the greatest power a person possesses is the power to choose,” and I quote her as I paraphrase what she says. When she first announced that she was pregnant two months ago, she said on her Instagram page, “The only thing greater, is being chosen.” The same concept is brought up once more in the video as Fiona sings about not just standing up for her ideas but also taking control of her own power as a woman.

Check out the music video for “I Want It All“.

I Want It All- Melanie Fiona

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