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Video: Offset & Cardi B – Jealousy



Video: Offset & Cardi B - Jealousy

The newest collaborative track and music video from Cardi B and Offset is “Jealousy.” The most recent collaboration between the two was “Clout,” which Offset put out in 2019 on his first solo album, Father of 4.

Taraji P. Henson, who initially played Yvette in the well-known movie, also appears in the Baby Boy-inspired video, which was also directed by Set. Cardi B assumes a revised version of Henson’s part as Offset impersonates Tyrese’s Jody.

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The two act out the scenario in which Yvette throws Jody out of her apartment for lying, and Offset keeps in character by mounting his bike and riding down a street in Los Angeles. Cardi then phones Henson, who offers her relationship counsel and claims that other women are simply envious of her and the Migos member’s connection.

Hating on Ni**a because I pulled it out of the mud Be your own blood, ni**a, if you’re gonna hate in the family. yelling “F**k 12″ at the judge and D.A. I’ve never been a dub or a scrub.Oh, you want the judge now, 45 Glock? Better than who? Obviously high on those drugs,” Offset does rap.

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Cardi enters with, “Yellow Lamborghini like a bumblebee/ Girl, nobody listen to you ‘less you talking about me/ It’s always a bird trying to tweet something, and you get upset when I defend myself. They worry too much about me and my ni**a, but you should be concerned about the ni**a yours sleeps with.

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The children of the couple also appear in the video as Offset drives the boys and Cardi the girls. Set, who has children from prior relationships, and the couple are parents to a girl and a son.

Check Out The Music Video For “Jealousy

Offset & Cardi B - JEALOUSY (Official Music Video)


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