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Video: Soop – Picture Perfect



Video: Soop - Picture Perfect

Bow Wow and the nationally recognised Ohio State Buckeyes football team are two of the city of Columbus, Ohio’s most famous exports. The C.O. is not recognised for producing a lot of hip-hop music. The Columbus underground culture, on the other hand, is teeming with unpolished hip-hop talent.

Soop, a native of the South Side of Columbus, has arrived. The rap artist and record producer has been keeping himself extremely busy with music over the past few years. Soop provides creative and uplifting lyricism over wildly neck-shaking and extremely melancholic sound when one wants to desensitise from the booty shaking, pill popping, and flossing that is on record. The up-and-coming MC has just released a brand new music video for his hard-hitting track, which goes by the title “Picture Perfect.”

After being shot by Mr. Victorious, Soop arrogantly marches into the booth and exits the studio while it is on fire.

“Outside jumper functioning absolutely perfectly/Putting in double shifts simply to get some fruits and vegetables home.Too busy with numerical work to mess around with decibels.They warn, “Don’t let your talent go to waste, you motherfucker.””But I swear it’s a rush, every time I hit the cupboard, stash another $1,000 right behind the liquid butter/In that Fruity Pebble box, make sure that cereal got it covered,” Soop raps. “But I swear it’s a rush, every time I hit the cupboard.”

There’s nothing inherently wrong with making music that’s just for fun and ignorance’s sake. That’s very sweet. However, it is psychologically engaging when hungry MCs expose quality hip-hop, because almost every phrase in the music has a significance. Nobody is capable of doing it. The song “Picture Perfect” by Soop is loaded with substance, which it delivers to the table.

Check out the music video for “Picture Perfect“.

Soop - “Picture Perfect”

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