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Video: Tee Grizzley – IDGAF Ft Chris Brown & Mariah The Scientist



Video: Tee Grizzley - IDGAF Ft Chris Brown & Mariah The Scientist

Chris Brown and Mariah The Scientist collaborate with Tee Grizzley on his newest music video, “IDGAF.” The song is the Detroit rapper’s official follow-up to Controversy, his collaboration with Skilla Baby that was released in April.

The three artists join forces in the recently released video, which was directed by Blu and MikeyRare and takes place on an opulent rooftop of a tall building. Griz may be seen attempting to manage other women while Brown and Mariah indulge in their individual romantic evenings throughout the video.

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“Are you awake right now? What are you currently doing? Are you currently inebriated? On the chorus, Breezy sings, and Mariah slyly responds, “But you know I got a man.”

“Sound good, why you answering then? Come here, let me smack it again/ I heard you, you got a man, you love that n***a, you ain’t gotta tell me again/ I’m just tryna link and be nasty again/ D**k in your back, call me daddy again, ain’t ’bout to keep playin’, I’m really that n***a, you keep,” Tee spits over the piano-led instrumental.


Check Out The Music Video For “IDGAF

Tee Grizzley - IDGAF (feat. Chris Brown & Mariah The Scientist) [Official Video]


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