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Video: Trey Songz – Na Na



Video: Trey Songz - Last Time

Throughout his career, Tremaine Neverson has been recognized for his ability to create captivating music videos. This is one of the things that has made him famous. Since the beginning of his career as a vocalist, which was about ten years ago, the artist has used his music videos to tell tales of love, the turn-up, and tragedy. Despite the fact that they are admirable and imaginative, the videos of his that investigate the various facets of sexual seduction are the ones that really get people excited.

The eroticism that Rosa Costa and Trey Songz bring to the table is elevated to the next level. The supermodel and fitness guru is decked out in the optimal attire for a strenuous workout. Songz is put through his paces by Costa in order to determine how much stamina he possesses and whether or not he have sufficient stamina for her.

Check out the music video for “Na Na“.

Trey Songz - Na Na [Official Music Video]

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