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Video: Wiz Khalifa – Don’t Text Don’t Call ft. Snoop Dogg



Video: Wiz Khalifa - Don't Text Don't Call ft. Snoop Dogg

Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg, two of Hip-Hop’s most vocal marijuana users, collaborated on the new “Don’t Text Don’t Call” music video. The couple enjoys the benefits of a carefree existence, as the title implies.

The rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, enters an elevator, passes through his house, and eventually arrives at a party in the opening scene of the video. The 35-year-old musician smokes pot and hookah, drinks, performs at a full show as ladies cheer, and raps along to the song with auto-tuned vocals.

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Later, Snoop shows up, lounging by a pool and watching the ocean in a lavish villa. While taking calls, he smokes his own joint and glares aggressively at his phone. The Long Beach, California rapper’s cunning allusion to his landmark album Doggystyle is one of the verse’s coolest features: “Bi**h, I know you ain’t in love with me/ If it wasn’t for my Doggystyle, you wouldn’t even f**k with me.”

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In the video for his own performance at the boisterous party that Wiz attends, Rick Ross also makes a brief guest appearance.

Check out the music video for “Don’t Text Don’t Call”.

Wiz Khalifa - Don't Text Don't Call ft. Snoop Dogg [Official Music Video]

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