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Video: Young M.A – Henny’d Up



Video: Young M.A - Henny'd Up

Young M.A. is back with the music video to her single “Henny’d Up,” which features the New York native getting her henny on while partying on a boat with a harem of beautiful women and a few males.

The video was directed by J’Mari Wyatt, and it has views of M.A. rapping while also showcasing a day in the life of a rap celebrity. M.A. and her team are seen riding about on jet skis and performing flips off the boat deck into the beautiful ocean water.

M.A., dressed in a black T-shirt, a plaid bucket hat, and decked with jewelry, rhymes over production by NY Bangers, saying things like “Man, I’m henny’d up, styrofoam, call this b**ch my sippy cup” and “High as sh*t, pissy drunk, probably f**ked my kidneys up.”

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M.A. keeps it raw and uncut, turning in the latest in a run of visuals that have kept the star’s voice in heavy rotation so far this year. The visuals range from girl-on-girl action to random twerking, and M.A. keeps it all real. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the 29-year-old spoke on the inspiration behind the track, dubbing it as a bridge between her early beginnings as a freestyle assassin and the hit-maker she’s grown into. Her most recent project, Off the Yak, was released in May of this year and features Fivio Foreign, Rubi Rose, Max YB, and Wap5tar.

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M.A. commented on the familiarity of “Henny’d Up,” particularly in relation to the band’s earlier records such as “OOOUUU,” saying, “That’s the vibe we got.” “Plus, I’ve got my supporters who are constantly saying things like, ‘We want that old MA, where’s the old MA?’ They want that mixtape M.A., along with other similar content. So that’s kind of what I was trying to offer, but at the same time I wasn’t trying to really give it mixtape vibes, because you still want to be able to play it on the radio. So there you have it. You still have aspirations of playing in local nightclubs. You are still looking for that atmosphere. I therefore attempted to put a blend on it, blend it between, and use that to sort of bridge the gap between the two.”

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Check out the music video for “Henny’d Up“.

Young M.A "Henny'd Up" (Official Music Video)

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