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Cade Thompson – Mom Like You

Empty Room Album Zip, the second studio album released by Cade Thompson, was released today and is now accessible on all streaming platforms (listen HERE). Throughout this twelve-track project, listeners can hear evidence of Thompson’s massive growth as a musician in terms of both the sound of his music and the lyrics he writes.

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The statement that “Songs are so important to me” is made by Thompson. Because of this, I’ve put in a lot of effort over the past few years to produce the highest quality music that I possibly can for all of you. I am over the moon about this brand-new album that is out RIGHT NOW!!! Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the creation of EMPTY ROOM, including my co-writers, producers, label, and crew.

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Cade Thompson Empty Room Album Tracklist .

  1. Cade Thompson – Empty Room
  2. Cade Thompson – Good God
  3.  Cade Thompson – One Prayer Away
  4. Cade Thompson – Arms of Jesus
  5.  Cade Thompson – See You Soon
  6. Cade Thompson – The One
  7. Cade Thompson – Mercy
  8. Cade Thompson – Lost Without You
  9. Cade Thompson – You Can
  10. Cade Thompson – Tears
  11. Cade Thompson – Look Around
  12. Cade Thompson – Mom Like You
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