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DOWNLOAD Killer T Tirivemuma Streets Album



DOWNLOAD Killer T Tirivemuma Streets Album

Killer T, a singer from Zimbabwe, released his studio album Tirivemuma Streets Album Zip.

Audiences in Zimbabwe and elsewhere have praised the Album and the performer for his distinctive sound and manner.

Music critics have also given the album favorable reviews, praising it for its unique lyrics and great beats.

A tribute to Killer T’s skill as a singer and songwriter, “Tirivemuma Streets” is regarded as one of the highlight albums of the year in Zimbabwean music.

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Killer T Tirivemuma Streets Album Tracklist.

  1. Killer T – Havandide
  2. Killer T – Urikupisa
  3.  Killer T – Tanamata
  4. Killer T – Plenty Money
  5. Killer T – Chipo Chamakandipa 
  6. Killer T – Ndibvumewo
  7. Killer T – Nezvako
  8. Killer T – Ngausandidaro Mujolo
  9. Killer T – Zvamuchose


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