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Kristian Stanfill – Change You

Kristian Stanfill of Sixstepsrecords publishes Make It Out Alive Album Zip. His most intimate works to date are the eleven songs on this album. These songs, which Stanfill wrote during a pivotal period in his life, were inspired by his own struggle for existence. It became apparent along the way that these songs could give someone else hope in their darkest hour and a reminder that they are not alone.

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These songs, according to Kristian Stanfill, “are about the miracle of grace, the power of vulnerability, and our need for connection.” “I started writing to get well. Jesus and I were the only ones in that hidden location. No walls or acting pretend.

Kristian Stanfill Make It Out Alive Album  Tracklist

  1. Kristian Stanfill – Show Me Who You Really Are
  2. Kristian Stanfill – That’s Not You
  3. Kristian Stanfill – We Need People
  4. Kristian Stanfill – Make It Out Alive
  5.  Kristian Stanfill – Grace
  6.  Kristian Stanfill – Another Praise
  7. Kristian Stanfill – True North
  8. Kristian Stanfill – My Eyes Are Dry
  9.  Kristian Stanfill – Walking With You
  10.  Kristian Stanfill – Where The River Runs
  11.  Kristian Stanfill – Change You
  12. The Power of Vulnerability: A Conversation with Kristian + Kerri Stanfill…
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